About Us

What’s a Personal Contractor?

Some builders are known as “general contractors.” We prefer to refer to House Dressing Company as a family of “Personal” Contractors. More than simply being a foreman on a job, or managing the process, a Personal Contractor takes an active, attentive, creative, trust-worthy and collaborative interest in your home remodeling project—from beginning to end.

Having lived through more than 30 home remodeling projects ourselves, we have first-hand experience of the challenges and joys that both home owner and contractor face in small and large home remodeling projects. The stress, the mess, the deadlines, the budget constraints—we’ve been there—and it helps us clearly communicate both the possibilities and the realities in each project.

Consider us advocates for both your home and your peace of mind. Our team provides a full spectrum of creative design and build services that will see your house to its fullest potential—and see you through the process.