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A Worthy Retreat

(This project was featured in the StarTribune - CLICK HERE TO TAKE A LOOK.)

House Dressing Company and a talented team of designers and architects collaborated with homeowners in Orono to give their master suite new life. Subtle, smart changes to flow and function provide the structure for dramatic, artistic interiors that have revived the dated bedroom into a knock-out master retreat–an oasis both mom and dad will enjoy for years to come.


House Dressing Company and architect Lee Meyer provided key insights into the layout of the 750 sq. ft. suite that increased livable space without needing to add on or take away from the rest of the home. The project held onto the overall placement and orientation of the bath and bedroom spaces to utilize existing utilities, but adjustments to wall locations and strategic use of pocket doors opened up the spaces and made the closets and bath more private and better organized. The square footage in a cramped sitting area was converted to closet space allowing another closet to be reclaimed, affording a larger, more comfortable living space–complete with fireplace and wall-mounted flat screen TV replacing a dated, built-in media center shelf system.



While the structural changes were relatively modest, the bold interiors–led by Lucy Interior Design–transformed the once neutral, eggshell space into a luxurious retreat with sophisticated color combinations and exotic finishes. One door to the bathroom was removed in the project, so Lucy and House Dressing Company worked together to visually reconnect the bath to the bedroom with repeated use of key materials. The once vanilla walls of both spaces were replaced by dramatic grey & purple SoHo hemp wall treatments and textured wall tiles that continue the linear feel throughout–mixing with frosted, textured glass in the light-filled rain shower and closet doors.

Custom cabinetry replaced random, stand-alone fixtures and greatly increased storage space in the bath and make-up area. A strikingly modern and international feel was achieved by House Dressing Company cabinet makers who replaced the dated melamine cabinets with distressed, Java-stained bamboo to face the cabinets–matching a sample Lucy had acquired in New York. Six inch drop-mitred-edge brown antique granite countertops add crisp lines and frame the modern, two-faucet vanity and make-up table. The same bamboo and granite face the fireplace in the bedroom. New charcoal black paver tile runs throughout the bath–complementing the dark, “black beauty” trim. Not be outdone by the walls and floors, the bathroom ceilings were finished with pearlescent Italian plaster – into which the house sound system was wired and a host of new light fixtures installed.



While the focus of the project was improvement to form and function, efficiency and economy were also addressed. The existing soaking tub was preserved handsomely in the bathroom, and new, improved insulation and lo-e glass windows were added to increase overall efficiency.

The project took roughly two and one-half months to complete, but as the construction was smartly and neatly confined by House Dressing Company, the homeowners were able to reside on site throughout–and had ample opportunity to provide input throughout the process, and proudly watch their incredible oasis appear.

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