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An Introduction to House Dressing Company

Dear Home Owner,

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. House Dressing Company is a family of home renovation experts that has been remodeling historic and not-so-historic homes in the Twin Cities for the past 26 years. Whether you’re considering a whole home remodel, an addition or a new kitchen or bathroom, House Dressing Company will guide your home successfully to it’s full potential. We share with our clients a love for lasting craftsmanship and smart design that brings new life to tired, older homes – and creates function and value that lasts generations.

We’ve Been There…

More than 30 of the homes we’ve worked on have been our own – and we’ve lived in those homes throughout the remodeling process. So, not only does our entire family have years of experience doing the work we love, we’ve got a wealth of insider information that allows us to see things from the viewpoint of both the contractor and the homeowner. We know how to get the best value for the investment – how to get quality results without spending big bucks. And, did we mention we love what we do? It shows in our work.  Click here to visit our project gallery.

A Family of Subcontractors…

We don’t employ a large staff. For every job we bid several contractors in each work category. We know these people well as we’ve been working with them for years, and we evaluate the pros and cons of each bidder with the client before making selections. We aim for both quality and value – and know how to achieve both. From our architects to our painters and landscapers, our team is made of effective communicators, creative collaborators, and above all, detail-minded craftspeople who know how to produce House Dressing Company quality.

Personal Contractors…

We’re not a big builder, nor are we just “general contractors.” Our clients refer to us as “personal contractors” as we have the experience and perspective that allows us to successfully guide both the home and the homeowner through a remodel. From structural intricacies and big picture design issues to interior details and shopping for finishes and accessories – and mitigating the mess of construction – we share the many secrets we’ve learned in our projects to ease the process, avoid the headaches, and help your home to reach new heights.

Consider us your “secret agents” who have successfully waded through just about every home remodeling challenge a home can throw at us – and are ready to put our expertise to work for you and your home. You may be surprised to discover that our personal contracting services are provided at the same cost that most contractors charge just to manage a job. You’ll see the difference.

Call us to set up a complimentary initial consultation at 952.920.8301.

Email us at inquiries@housedressingcompany.com