It's In the Details

Architectural Character and Project Management Prowess Make House Dressing Company Home Renovation Projects Shine

Amazing attention to detail has always been a hallmark of House Dressing Company (HDC) home building and remodeling projects. It’s what built success for our mom and dad when they first started the business in the 1970’s. It’s an ethos that was instilled in us as kids living through our family’s home remodeling projects. It’s how we continue to bolster our reputation as one of the Twin Cities’ best contractors.

Architectural Details

Our project portfolio highlights the physical, architectural details that we love to bring to light in our projects. Whether we’re retaining and renewing the historic charm of a home built in the early 1900’s, or adding missing character to a home built in the late 1900’s, our vision and craftspeople elevate each project to new heights. But these physical details are only part of the story.

Construction Project Management

When it comes to construction project management, razor sharp focus on the details means that processes are identified and made clear to our clients, timelines are set and followed, and quality materials and methods are employed to ensure our work endures across generations. While we guide all of the day-to-day workings of our projects we also serve as “personal contractors” that support our clients through every step of the process – making sure their vision is realized and their experience is a smooth one.

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